HELP 4 HATTERAS is a Hurricane Irene disaster relief fundraiser project exclusively for Hatteras Island.

All proceeds will be donated to the Hatteras Island United Methodist Men, who are notorious for their thought out distributions of charitable funds.

Hatteras Island, especially the Rodanthe/Waves/Salvo areas, have been devastated by Hurricane Irene. My mission is to raise awareness, and help local Hatteras Island Organizations raise money to support their Hurricane Irene disaster relief efforts.

The week after Irene passed over was when locals needed the most help in man-power, but I was too busy to help. My mission at that time was providing video coverage to over 100,000 people on facebook, news channels, and conducting interviews for the Associated Press and radio stations. Raising awareness of the disaster on Hatteras Island was my #1 priority, since it seemed the mainstream media didn't really care.

Now that a lot of people have an idea of what is going on down here, it is my goal to use this awareness, and raise money for the recovery of this beautiful local community. The faster the Hatteras Island locals can get their lives back to a sense of normalcy, the sooner they will be able to welcome visitors to their beautiful Island.

All proceeds raised by H4H will be donated to The Cape Hatteras United Methodist Men. Organized in 1979 to provide emergency assistance for families on Hatteras Island, particularly during the recovery from frequent storms. This is their 32nd year of providing emergency assistance. During that time they have provided over 438,000 meals from their food pantry, and approximately $1,050,000 in emergency funds. There is no religious affiliation, or any other requirement of needy recipients.

Since H4H is a fundraiser with no tax ID, the purchases and donations made directly to H4H are not tax deductible. However, if you send us donation checks made out directly to the Cape Hatteras United Methodist Men, we will forward the donations, and they will send tax deduction info.

Kurt Kessler
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